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Pure Cars.

Pure Cars Value Reports provide customers a free report right on the dealer website. These can also be printed in the showroom or emailed to leads. Pure Car Value Report give customers the confidence they need to buy from a dealership. Customers perceive Pure Cars as a trusted source of vehicle research, so covered vehicles

Pure Cars is a magnet for customers who want to get a good deal on a reliable used car, and buy from a reputable dealership.

Pure Cars can also show your covered inventory on their web site for customers to find with the convenient Find a Vehicle search tool.

Pure Cars Highlights

Pure Cars Value Report
Includes Carfax Vehicle History
Platinum Dealership Program
Shows Your Inventory Online
Web site: Pure Cars

Bringing Shoppers to Dealerships

With an online web site, Carfax partnership, and its popular PureCars Value Report, Pure Cars is positioned to bring in-market customers to your dealership.

Value Reports include

Pure Cars Circle of Trust offers advantages for customers of your dealership.
ADG represents Pure Cars.